InfoLab is comprised of a diverse group of faculty and fellows having a wide range of backgrounds and complementary domains of expertise.

theodosis_pic Theodosis Mourouzis (PhD, University College London)
Founder of InfoLab
Director of MSc Business Intelligence & Data Analytics at CIIM
Areas: info security, cryptography, blockchain technology, business analytics
headshotpavlou Kyriacos Pavlou (PhD, University of Arizona)
Co-founder of InfoLab
Lecturer of Information Technology at CIIM
Areas: database design and security, cloud databases, blockchain technology, information accountability
george_theocharides_cropped2 George Theocharides (PhD, University of Arizona)
Director of MSc Financial Services at CIIM
Areas: fixed-income markets, investments, international finance, derivatives, financial engineering
stylianos_kampakis Stylianos Kampakis (PhD, University College London)
Data Scientist and Adjunct Lecturer at CIIM
Areas: predictive analytics, machine learning, neural networks, social media analytics
michalis_christofi Michalis Christofi (PhD, King’s College London)
Data Scientist and Adjunct Lecturer at CIIM
Areas: data science, web and social media analytics
Photo of Nikolas Markou Nikolas Markou (MSc, MEng, Imperial College London)
Research Fellow & Machine Learning Engineer
Areas: AI, machine learning
Photo of Evripides Achilleos Evripides Achilleos (MSc, DIC, Imperial College London)
Research Fellow
Areas: business intelligence and big data architectures
Photo of Alexandros Zenonos Alexandros Zenonos (PhD, University of Southampton)
Research Fellow
Areas: AI and multi-agent systems
Photo of Georgios Pilikos Georgios Pilikos (PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge)
Research Fellow
Areas: Machine Learning, Bayesian Inference, Deep Learning and High-Performance Computing
Photo of Nikolas Anastasiou Nikolas Anastasiou (PhD, Imperial College London )
Research Fellow
Areas: Performance Modelling, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Business Analytics